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 Festival makeup, Rave makeup, Euphoria Makeup,  Makeup Artist, Rhinestone Makeup, Rhinestones, Makeup Essentials,


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The ultimate OG fave ston(n)e set containing all sizes of BLACK CHERRY. This color way has sold like hot cakes so we had to bring it back in an entire variety size pack.

This deep red rhinestone reflects the most stunning pop of cherry red. The ultimate vampy, edgy rhinestone.

From the tiniest of sizes we have yet (2mm) all the way to our largest stone (4.8mm). These glass, 16 facet cut flat back rhinestone pack catches the light beautifully even in the dimmest of settings.

You can apply our diamond-like rhinestones to almost any surface with the right  adhesive. From rhinestone makeup looks to rhinestone nails all the way to blinging out your favorite surface (phone case, cup, clothing) the possibilities are endless. Time to GetStonned and be prepared to TURN HEADS!

*DISCLAIMER* These glass facet cut rhinestones potentially contain small amounts of LEAD- not recommended for use as "tooth gems"

BH X GetStonned

We are proud to to be the first brand to ever collaborate with BH Cosmetics. You can shop our collaboration on BH’s website.


Our masks are top quality with ston(n)es that sparkle in any light. Shop our Masks to turn heads!!